Welcome to my blog Musical Revue!

Welcome to Musical Revue! On this blog I am going to go through the discographies of different artists, and give an exploratory look at each album. Even while looking at one album by one artist there can be so much to explore, with both musical and behind-the-scenes anecdotes to discuss. I am so excited to begin talking about this, and discuss all the fun details (who was feuding with who??) and some of the more intricate stuff (how much cowbell did they use?).

How did I get here? Well, I have been an avid lover and listener of music my whole life. When I was little my dad gave me the nickname radioactive because whenever any kind of music came on, whether it was a commercial, tv theme song, or a song on the radio, I just had to dance.

While I still dance to any music that plays, over the years this instinct has evolved into wanting to know all the innate details about how the music was made, what the internal relationships were, and how an artists sound has or has not evolved during the course of their discography. I love to listen to albums in chronological order, and this blog will attempt to go through an artists catalogue and explore all of the internal and external factors of the recording process. I hope you will come along on my journey as we see how each artist made their way through their sonic journeys. Let’s rock!

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